Market Research

Are your organization’s goals and strategies driven by data?

They should be!

The Impact Group helps you get the data you need through professional, organized and well-executed market research. Our research tactics include:

Focus Groups: We help establish your audience then break that down into targeted focus groups. We ask the right questions to get you closer to your goals.

Surveys (Direct Mail and Online): We help you reach a wide audience and get honest opinions and feedback by asking poignant questions that elicit a quality response.

Phone Polls: By making direct calls to important stakeholders, we drive a conversation that results in meaningful feedback.

Measurement Program: All of our research tactics result in qualitative insight into your community or organization and help to set milestones to effectively demonstrate your value. Your influencers will know that their opinions matter.

The Impact Group is really something special. From marketing to public relations, I don’t believe you could get any better. Not only do they think with their brains, but their hearts as well, which is very important in today’s culture. You couldn’t ask for a more genuine, caring and intellectual group of individuals. The Impact Group played a huge roll in making the first annual Rubber City Jazz and Blues Festival come to life.

Theron Brown, jazz pianist and co-founder of the Rubber City Jazz and Blues Festival

More Expertise

“The Wooster City School District is immensely grateful for our partnership with the Impact Group.  We find their practices, strategies and systems to be wonderfully innovative and timely.  Our Communication Committee has found the Impact Group’s council to be quite transformational for our relationships with the community and families.”

Dr. Michael Tefs, Wooster City School District