Lead Generation

Who is your target audience? Where can you find them? How can your company attract new leads?

These are important questions that The Impact Group will help you answer. We will create a strategy to reach the people you want to reach and turn them into qualified business leads.

How do we do that? It starts with understanding your company’s goals. Once we know your overall objective, we can set the metrics that you need to meet and determine the best lead generation strategy to get there. Of course, understanding what lead generation is also helps.

Simply put, lead generation is the process of organically attracting people to your business or product that results in further interest or a potential sale.

Every piece of content or material your company puts out is part of your lead generation strategy whether you realize it or not. Lead generation incorporates inbound marketing (social media, blogs, search engine optimization, remarketing and branding), outbound marketing (advertisements, PPC, traditional marketing materials, email marketing and more), employee representation and even job applications.

The Impact Group will help you create a long-term plan that identifies and organizes all the initiatives and campaigns in your organization where content will need to be created, helping you attract new leads.

More Expertise

“The Wooster City School District is immensely grateful for our partnership with the Impact Group.  We find their practices, strategies and systems to be wonderfully innovative and timely.  Our Communication Committee has found the Impact Group’s council to be quite transformational for our relationships with the community and families.”

Dr. Michael Tefs, Wooster City School District